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How can you use inbuilt Visual Studio code snippets?

How can you Encapsulate Fields into Properties automatically in Visual Studio?

How can you extract method from code automatically in Visual Studio?

What is the difference between Debug and Release Build Mode in Visual Studio?

How can you Reorder or Rearrange Method Parameters Quickly in Visual Studio?

How can you implement the interface methods quickly in Visual Studio?

How can you store most Frequent Code Snippets and use them as very handy when required in Visual Studio?

What is the shortcut way to create properties in Visual Studio?

Running Multiple Projects Simultaneously in Visual Studio

Rectangular Code Selection in Visual Studio

Rebuild Vs Clean and Build in Visual Studio

Removing Unused Namespaces in Visual Studio

How to check or change C# language or .Net Framework version in Visual Studio?

Many times we want to know the version of the C# or .Net Framework which we are using in the visual studio. Also sometimes we want to change the version of C# or .Net Framework to do some testing on a particular version. Read More...

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